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Membership is open to any pipeline owners and/or operators with responsibility for pipeline engineering strategy and policy. In addition, specific representation from non-pipeline operator organisations (e.g. HSE, PIG) will be invited as appropriate. The Association will consider applications for Membership on an individual basis.


Formal meetings of the Association will normally be held twice a year but may be increased with the agreement of Members to deal with specific workloads. Venues for meetings will rotate from company to company as agreed. In addition the Association will arrange meetings of specific technical work groups as required and arrange annually a technical seminar.

Board of Directors and Officers

The UKOPA Board of Directors and Officers administer the day to day activities of the organisation including acting as the governance group for financial approvals, technical reports and setting the overall strategy of the organisation in accordance with Statute and the Articles of Association of UKOPA.

The UKOPA Board will comprise of as a minimum a representative of each of the three industry sectors:

  1. Natural gas transmission and distribution
  2. Petrochemical liquids and gasses
  3. Oil and refined liquids.

In addition the composition will ensure that the Board will comprise of a representative of each of the UKOPA working groups, which would normally be the chairman though others could be considered. These are

  1. Emergency Planning Working Group (EPWG)
  2. Fault Data and Risk Assessment Working Group (FARWG)
  3. Infringement Working Group (IWG)
  4. Pipeline Integrity Working Group (PIWG)
  5. Process Safety Working Group (PSWG)

Plus any other working groups that are established in the future.

The process for electing the board will be by nomination and seconded. The nominator and second will be from separate member companies. The priority in composition will be to meet the criteria above and the board shall normally comprise of no more than eight people. In the event that there are more nominations than places then the nominees in the first instance should attempt to agree amongst themselves taking into account the composition criteria 1 to 3 and if resolution cannot be achieved then voting of all members shall take place. Each member company will have a single vote. At least 75% of member companies will be required to have voted and appointment will be a majority. If this is not achieved then voting will be repeated requiring 50% of members to vote. This will normally be by e-mail ballot.

The UKOPA Board will provide technical governance to UKOPA and in particular ensure that UKOPA documents that are published or made available in the public domain are subject to control and approval before release. The UKOPA Board will take an objective view of ongoing technical projects, their objectives and outcomes to enable prioritisation and release of funds. The UKOPA Board may call other members of UKOPA or technical spe#ts to support them in this role.