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The PERO (Pipeline Emergency Response Officer) is a generic role agreed and operated by UKOPA members to ensure cross industry consistency in operator response to pipeline emergency incidents in the UK.


The PERO will have an operational or supervisory role in a pipeline operating company with direct involvement in pipeline operations and safety management. In this role, the person assigned as PERO will have detailed responsibilities.


As the assigned PERO for the pipeline operator, the immediate responsibility is to provide on-site liaison with the Emergency Services on behalf of the pipeline operator.

The PERO will also be responsible for keeping the Pipeline Operator’s management and the staff at Pipeline Incident Control Room (PICR) fully informed about the situation at the scene, including taking action to minimise the consequences of the incident, and make the incident scene safe. In addition, depending upon individual operator company policy, the PERO may be responsible for press briefings in the absence of a press representative.


UKOPA is working in partnership with industry experts and The Fire Service College, Moreton-in-Marsh to offer UKOPA members a thorough and fully interactive two day training course to help equip potential and current PERO’s with skills and scenario-based experience in dealing with pipeline incidents and the emergency services. UKOPA EPWG recommends the maximum interval for PERO training should not exceed 5 years.