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UKOPA Emergency Planning Work Group Terms of Reference


The aim of the UKOPA Emergency Planning Work Group (EPWG) is provide information and expert opinion in a consistent manner on pipeline emergency planning and response issues on behalf of UKOPA in relation to safety, security of supply and environmental incidents.


The objectives of the EPWG are:-

  1. To share knowledge and best practice on emergency planning for safety and environmental incidents between UKOPA members.
  2. To collate, review and publish relevant information and learning from UKOPA members relating to emergency preparedness, emergency procedures and testing of pipeline emergency plans, and encourage joint participation in pipeline emergency plan tests.
  3. Liaise with Competent Authorities and Stakeholders with regards to emergency planning and testing requirements under major hazard legislation and other associated legislative changes.
  4. Maintain the template for pipeline emergency response testing for pipelines which aligns with current proposals for multiagency communication and response strategies required for the Civil Contingencies Act.
  5. To review and advise on updates and amendments to training and competency requirements for pipeline emergency planning and response, including the continued direction and management of the UKOPA PERO courses.
  6. Produce and maintain practical information relating to the emergency response and management of security of supply associated with pipeline incidents for use by Local Authorities, emergency services and other relevant parties.
  7. To develop practical emergency response principles for environmental incidents resulting from pipeline failures (to include strategy for response and impact assessment of liquid spills). Input to the Environment Agency, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency and Fire and Rescue Service partnership for response to environmental pollution incidents on behalf of UKOPA, and cascade any relevant information from this group to UKOPA.


The Working Group reports to the main UKOPA Board.

i) Membership

The membership is drawn from interested UKOPA members together with other relevant advisers / parties agreed by UKOPA. Current members are:-

BPA, Cadent, CATS, CHLPS, ESSAR, ESSO (Exonmobil), National Grid, NGN, Sabic, Shell, SGN.

Secretarial support from UKOPA is agreed, provided by N Barker, PIE Ltd. 

ii) Meetings

Meetings will be held as required to progress the approved work programme and priorities.

If your organisation is a member of UKOPA and you would like to have a representative on this working group, please contact the secretary –

If your organisation is not a member of UKOPA but you would be interested in finding out more, again please contact the secretary –