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One of UKOPA’s principal objectives is to communicate good practice to its members, buy whether that’s through presentations at members’ meetings, through its working groups or through the annual technical seminar. UKOPA is also creating a series of ‘Good Practice Guides’ to support this work.

These guides include the output of technical work undertaken by UKOPA, and make this accessible to members. Future technical work undertaken by UKOPA will include a Good Practice Guide as one of the key outputs of the project.

A number of guides have already been completed and a number are being developed. These include:

The management of pipelines with reduced cover

The management of process safety indicators

The inspection and maintenance of buried pipelines

The management of pipeline dents

The management of pipeline sleeves

Managing stress corrosion cracking

Collecting and reporting fault data

Managing encroaching development and societal risk around pipelines

Decommissioning and abandoning pipelines

Modelling third party damage

Every guide will be made available to members via the members’ centre of the UKOPA website.

The Good Practice Guides will be published in a common format and will provide practical advice on what is considered by UKOPA to be agreed industry good practice for a range of pipeline asset management, maintenance and operational issues. The intention is that these guides will sit alongside existing industry documents, including British Standards and Institution of Gas Engineers standards, providing practical advice related to the management of hazardous pipelines.

Peter Davis, Chairman of UKOPA, says, “This is an excellent way for UKOPA to share experience with its members. The documents will also prove essential in recording the outputs of technical work that UKOPA commissions.”

UKOPA is developing guides in several current subject areas, including:

Managing and mitigating the impacts of ground movement

Managing seismic risks for pipelines

Developing emergency planning distances for MAHP

Managing the risk of third party thefts

Monitoring and recording pipeline infringements

We want to encourage UKOPA members to both participate in developing these documents and provide suggestions for future projects. Any members not currently involved can do so by contacting the UKOPA secretariat:

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