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UKOPA Infringement Work Group Terms of Reference


The UKOPA Infringement Work Group will:-

1. Manage the operation and development of the UKOPA Infringement Database, ensuring that its results are proactively used by industry and the HSE to encourage continual improvement in the safety of those working in the vicinity of gas, chemical, oil and refined products pipelines.

2. Lead UKOPA activities and initiatives to further improve pipeline safety awareness of all parties to minimise uncontrolled or unsafe activities in the vicinity of gas, chemical, oil and refined products pipelines.

3. Share best practice in plant protection and learning from incidents. 


The objectives of the IWG are:-

  1. To manage a database of 3rd Party Pipeline Infringement data collected by UKOPA member companies.
  2. To identify critical information and trends which can help direct the industry’s approach concerning initiatives to improve the safety management and control when works or other activities are carried out near gas, chemical, oil and refined products pipelines.
  3. To continue the development of the database, its operation and its outputs in pursuit of the Work Group aims.
  4. To publish an annual report based on the 3rd Party Pipeline Infringement data collected and achievements of the Working Group to promote awareness and improved excavation safety across the UK.
  5. To proactively promote awareness of excavation safety requirements associated with gas, chemical, oil and refined products pipelines using a range of UKOPA and industry inspired media and publicity.
  6. To work collaboratively with the Health & Safety Executive to share data, experience and best practice within the pipeline industry.


The Work Group comprises representatives of the HSE and UKOPA membership reporting to the main UKOPA Board.  Representatives are drawn from each industry sector (gas, chemical, oil and refined products).

i) Membership

Current members are:-

BPA, Cadent, CLHPS, Essar, ESSO (Exonmobil), GNI, Ineos, National Grid, NGN, Petrolneos, Sabic, SGN, Shell, Wood Group, WWU

Invited guests are:-

Health and Safety Executive, Energy Division

Secretarial support from UKOPA is agreed, provided by N Barker, PIE Ltd.

ii) Meetings

Meetings will be held as agreed by the membership and as required to progress the approved work programme and priorities.

If your organisation is a member of UKOPA and you would like to have a representative on this working group, please contact the secretary –

If your organisation is not a member of UKOPA but you would be interested in finding out more, again please contact the secretary –