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The UKOPA Process Safety Assessment Tool (PSAT), # is a survey conducted on a bi-annual basis by UKOPA members as a benchmarking exercise.  There are approximately 240 activity questions, split over 10 specific risk areas including, Route Management, 3rd Party Interference, Integrity and Asset Records.  By answering the questions and recoding how they control the risks members are able to compare their performance against the standard and with other UKOPA members.

The results are broken down further to individual subject headings and each member can compare its own level against the max possible score and minimum level within UKOPA.

For Example – Route Management Risk Area can be broken down as follows for Member “O”

The UKOPA suggested approach for using the output from the PSAT tool is as follows:

–        members review risk areas which are red or amber

–        consider whether there is actually a real gap (for example some activities are specific to different pipeline operator and therefore the gap may not be relevant)

–        decide whether the risk level warrants an improvement to a process or procedure

–        document (for audit process) the decisions taken

–        develop an action plan for the areas requiring improvement

–        monitor the action plan

The output from the 2014 PSAT survey was used to identify areas to focus on at Technical Seminar in May 2015.

The Technical Seminar was used to share good practice for 3rd Party Interference, Route Management, Asset Records and Emergency Response. Those with high PSAT scores were invited to present the ‘good practice’ methodologies. The presentations were followed by round table discussion to build on the points addressed by the specific member company presentations.

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