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UKOPA Process Safety Work Group Terms of Reference


The aim of the UKOPA Process Safety Working Group (PSWG) is to provide information and expert opinion, direction and guidance on Process Safety to the UKOPA members and Industry Stakeholders and on behalf of UKOPA.


The objectives of the PSWG are:-

  1. To develop process safety Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Model for pipeline operators, to share annual performance results and publish reports to external stakeholders.
  2. To develop, maintain, review and update the UKOPA process safety benchmarking questionnaire (PSAT).
  3. Analyse and publish the PSAT benchmarking results submitted by UKOPA members on a bi-annual basis.
  4. To share knowledge and good practice on process safety between UKOPA members.
  5. To review, interpret and question the Legislator’s proposals for process safety leadership.
  6. To influence the scope of process safety leadership initiatives being developed by the HSE.
  7. To develop and publish practical pipeline operators KPIs for pipeline safety management which are aligned with legislation, pipeline codes and good practice.
  8. To develop process safety learning briefs from safety bulletins that have process safety implications.


The Working Group reports to the main UKOPA Board.

i) Membership

The membership is drawn from interested UKOPA members together with other relevant advisers / parties agreed by UKOPA. Current members are:-

BPA, Cadent, CLHPS, ESSAR, GNI, National Grid, NGN, Penspen, Shell, Uniper, WWU

Secretarial support from UKOPA is agreed, provided by N Barker, PIE Ltd.

ii) Meetings

Meetings will be held as required to progress the approved work programme and priorities.

iii) Deliverables

A PSWG work programme will be established at the start of each year to align with the UKOPA Strategy and Action Plan.

If your organisation is a member of UKOPA and you would like to have a representative on this working group, please contact the secretary –

If your organisation is not a member of UKOPA but you would be interested in finding out more, again please contact the secretary –