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UKOPA Pipeline Integrity Work Group Terms of Reference


  • Act of behalf of UKOPA Members as the expert body on pipeline integrity and defect assessment issues.
  • Support, on behalf of member companies, the development and acceptance of appropriate good practice for pipeline integrity management and defect assessment.
  • Provide the expert point of contact for UKOPA internal and external communications on pipeline integrity / defect assessment issues.
  • Provide a formal UKOPA interface with HSE for discussions on pipeline integrity related issues.
  • Provide a point of focus within UKOPA for commissioning and progressing technical work related to pipeline integrity and defect assessment with external expert bodies and technical spe#t organisations including Universities.


  • Identify, document and share good practice in the area of pipeline integrity management and defect assessment across UKOPA members.
  • Identify where there are currently gaps in technical knowledge for identified pipeline integrity related issues and commission appropriate technical work to address these gaps.
  • Assess any technical work commissioned by the group on behalf of UKOPA members and make appropriate recommendations for any changes to pipeline operation and maintenance processes that may be subsequently required as a result of new knowledge from the output of this work.
  • Publish where appropriate the results of technical work in technical papers, journals or develop UKOPA good practice documents in order to gain wider acceptance of UKOPA’s view of industry good practice.
  • Ensure that industry design codes reflect what is considered by UKOPA to be good practice in the area of pipeline integrity management and defect assessment.
  • By reviewing pipeline failures and incidents both for UKOPA member companies and external to UKOPA identify any emerging pipeline industry integrity issues and take appropriate steps to address these issues.
  • To be recognised as being able to provide an authoritative industry view on pipeline integrity issues.
  • To act as a point of contact for liaising with the HSE on behalf of UKOPA members on pipeline integrity related issues including any proposed pipeline integrity related changes to legislation.


The Working Group reports to the UKOPA Board and provides updates at the main UKOPA meetings to the wider UKOPA membership.

The membership is drawn from interested UKOPA members, together with other relevant advisers / parties agreed by UKOPA. Current UKOPA companies represented on the group are:-

BPA, Cadent, CATS, CLHPS, Essar, Gas Network Ireland, National Grid, NGN, Penspen, Perenco, Petrolneos, Sabic, SGN, Swissgas, Valero, WWU

An up to date list of the names of the representatives of the member companies of the group will be maintained by the meeting Secretary.


Meetings are arranged as required to progress current workload.


A record of the key deliverables of the Group is recorded and maintained by the group. These deliverables are consistent with the group’s agreed objectives in the UKOPA strategy document. Progress against these deliverables is reported to UKOPA members at the main UKOPA meeting. Any expenditure incurred in producing these deliverables is approved by the UKOPA Board prior to any work being commissioned.

If your organisation is a member of UKOPA and you would like to have a representative on this working group, please contact the secretary –

If your organisation is not a member of UKOPA but you would be interested in finding out more, again please contact the secretary –