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Risk Assessment Information and Advice that UKOPA can provide

The information and advice that UKOPA can provide is based on current operator best practice, and includes:-

  • Quantified risk assessment methodology, data and techniques.
  • Reports and publications which describe current developments in quantifying major accident hazards.
  • A bi-annual report which details the number and cause of failures which have resulted in product releases from UK major accident hazard pipelines since 1971, including the exposure (i.e. number of kilometres of pipelines multiplied by number of years in operation). This data shows a reducing failure rate in UK pipelines over the period. The reasons for this are explained along with relevant data and observed trends. Insert link to the latest fault and failure report.
  • A report quantifying the damage that has occurred to UK major accident hazard pipelines but not resulted in failure. Also included are associated statistical parameters to support failure frequency predictive modelling. Insert link to the latest fault and failure report.

The UKOPA Risk Assessment Work Group (RAWG) will respond to requests for advice and information relating to quantified risk assessment of cross-country pipelines, for example:-

  • Advice on calculation of failure rates based on data in the UKOPA database;
  • Advice on risk mitigation measures such as depth of cover, concrete slabbing and other methods;
  • Special risks, such as those posed by difficult construction e.g. wind farm structures, or construction risks;
  • Pipeline planning and hazard distances;
  • Training and competency requirements for pipeline risk assessors.

In addition, the RAWG can provide predictions of pipeline risk levels in accordance with the methodology defined in the codes and standards.