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What is the Process Safety Work Group (PSWG)

The Process Safety Work Group was formed in order to provide information, direction and guidance on Process Safety to the UKOPA members. The PSWG consists of representatives of a number of the UKOPA members – Process Safety Work Group (PSWG)

The current objectives of the Process Safety Work Group are:-

  • To develop a process safety KPI model for pipeline operators and consider how best to share performance and publish reports to external stakeholders.
  • To share knowledge and best practice on process safety between UKOPA members.
  • To develop and publish practical pipeline operator KPIs for pipeline safety management which are aligned with legislation, pipeline codes and best practice.

UKOPA recognises that safety is influenced by:-

  • Documented best practice.
  • Codification of best practice.
  • Development and implementation of cost effective technical solutions.
  • Effective communication.

In order to facilitate the safe management of UK pipelines on behalf of UKOPA, the PSWG has developed a methodology for the assessment of pipeline process safety. This uses a questionnaire with approximately 300 questions to benchmark the implementation of process safety principles by UKOPA member companies. The PSWG collates and reports the results of member benchmarking exercises. UKOPA have carried out two surveys a summary of the results of the most recent survey is available in:-

PSAT Report

Effective management of major hazard installations requires a proactive approach to ensure that the precursors to major accidents are identified and appropriate pre-emptive actions are taken.

The approach recommended in the UK by the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in their document HSG 254 is that a number of process safety Key Performance Indicators should be defined and used by senior management to monitor the performance of assets.

UKOPA advises that pipeline owners/operators should develop Process Safety Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to monitor the effectiveness of the management system used to control the risks associated with the pipeline operations. These KPIs should be collected and reviewed on a regular basis. UKOPA has produced a guidance document which can be used by pipeline operators to develop performance indicators to monitor pipeline process safety performances.

UKOPA currently provides performance information to the Health and Safety Executive HSE for inclusion in its “Major Hazard Safety Performance Indicators in Great Britain’s Onshore Gas and Pipelines Industry Annual Report”.

UKOPA is currently developing its own annual UKOPA Process Safety Report to measure the process safety performance of the industry in the UK and use the information to inform the UKOPA Strategy.